Cosplay Guest

The Mad Titan

Mad Titan Cosplay/Nick Glover has been prop- and costume-making since 2013. Nick spends a lot of his time volunteering for local cosplay charities, dressing as a superhero or characters and visiting underprivileged, sick or at risk youth in hospitals, schools, and churches. Nick's costumes have been seen in movies, television and theater. ''Buzz Lightyear'' and ''Thanos'' have both been on news broadcasts. Nick guests at conventions in Texas and Oklahoma, and you can see his work all over the southwest. Nick uses many tools and trades at his disposal. He 3D designs and prints, is an EVA foamsmith, builds larger-than-life costumes, sculpts and fabricates prosthetics and masks, airbrushes, utilizes FX makeup techniques, and much more.

Mad Titan Cosplay has won many awards including Best of Show at Dallas Fan Days, Fan Favorite in the Masters of Cosplay Grand Prix and several others as well. Mad Titan Cosplay has personally been featured in magazines and newspapers. MTC has received personal praise on Jeremy Renner and Lexi Rabi's personal social media accounts. There are many more exciting things that MTC is working on as well. MTC has a lot to bring to the table and will be debuting four new costumes at ALL-CON 2020.