Online Panelist Application

ALL-CON screens all panelist applications. Not every application is accepted. Once your application is submitted, you will be notified within 10-12 days of the determination whether or not your panel has been approved. ALL-CON may, at our own discretion require the submission of additional information such as a panel outline for content.

 Panelist Badges

Panelists must purchase a badge good for at least the day(s) they will be presenting. (Panelists who already have badges such as vendors, exhibitors, previously earned volunteer badges, etc. need not buy another.) Discount codes will be provided via email for online badge purchases when panels are approved.

 Panelist Agreement

This application is for organizers to propose the conducting of discussion panels, workshops, events, demonstrations, competitions, and performances at ALL-CON. To qualify, applicants and their co-presenters must agree to and be bound by the following points:

  • Presenting and participating in content does not qualify for Volunteer hours.

  • A discount code is provided for panelists to purchase badges in advance. Panelists without badges will not be given access to the convention for free.

  • Participants are responsible for their own transportation, meals, hotel room, supplies, and expenses.

  • ALL-CON DOES NOT provide free A/V equipment. Please be prepared to bring or hire your own (laptops, projectors, screens, displays, etc.)

  • ALL-CON will not organize or add panelists, speakers, or performers for your proposed event. Please make sure you have sufficient people to cover your proposal.

  • Content should be structured around 45 minutes of presentation with a 5 minute set-up and a 5-minute teardown. The start times are at the top of each hour.

  • Upon acceptance, panelists and co-panelists must submit a one paragraph biography, photographic headshots, and linkable web banner for convention promotions.

 Filling Out the Application

Each day's "From" and "Until" hours are the hours you are available at the convention; not necessarilly the hours the panel will be specifically scheduled for. During the scheduling process there are determining factors such as similar content, content that wil complete for the same audience, room availability, and other items considered when choosing your times. Also, your times are subject to change before the convention starts, so by providing a range of availability you are more likely to be approved since flexible panels are in the highest demand when putting together a convention with over 300 events to manage.