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CosPod is the podcast about all things cosplay. We cover everything from fantasy to sci-fi, from steampunk to mascots, and from anime to SCA. Our podcast discusses the materials, techniques, people and places of cosplay, including interviews with cosplayers, a gallery of fantastic costumes, and roundtable discussions of the meaning behind becoming your favorite characters. Find us on iTunes or PodcastAlley!








SAT 3:00p.m.: Cosplay Check-In and Line-Up (1 hr.)

Room: DOGWOOD (2nd Floor, Left) Rated: Everyone

Produced By: Cospod

Speaking: Amber; Valerie

Cosplay contest entries... check in here, and line up for show time! Meet in the Malachite Showroom promptly to check in, receive instructions, and prepare to compete.

Category: Competition

SAT 5:00p.m.: Cosplay Contest (2 hrs.)

Room: OAK BALLROOM (2nd Floor, Left) Rated: Everyone

Produced By: Cospod

Speaking: Amber; Valerie

The Cosplay Contest is an event for cosplayers to feature their costumes and for attendees to relax and watch some amazing cosplay. Cosplayers can choose between a walk-on and a skit for their performance. Cosplayers of all ages are welcome to join in on this fantastic and fun show!

All content must be PG-13 and conform to the convention's rules regarding costumes and props. At least 50% of your costume must be constructed by you. Characters must be a pre-existing property from movies, television, anime, comic book, etc. No original characters at this time - Gijinkas are allowed.

Full rules should be read here prior to applying:

Category: Competition