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Podcasting Day Camp (Day 2)

Rated: Everyone

Category: Discussion

Produced by: Half-Ass Productions

Hey campers!

Podcasting Day Camp returns for a second session around the virtual campfire, complete with real giant marshmallows on sticks!

Join JediCole, the ''Accidental Podcaster'' himself as he imparts tales from over a decade of pre-recorded audio and live-streaming video shows. A variety of special guest podcastes will be on the panel as well with their own stories, tips, tricks, and advice.

If you're not careful you might get the podcasting bug and be part of 2021's Day Camps!

This is the second and final Podcasting Day Camp of 2020, so be sure to check the schedule and don't miss out!(Did we mention giant marshmallows?)


SAT 10:00 AM (45 mins.) Room: QUARTZ (Lincoln, Upper)

Moderated By: Andrew Farmer