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Monster Minds

Rated: Everyone

Category: Game Show

Produced by: Half-Ass Productions

ALL-CON can't fall on Halloween weekend without something decidedly ''Halloween'' in the game show mix!

Beginning in 2016 (the year of ''Elevatormageddon''), Games and Theory Group Captain ''JediCole'' Houston introduced the tradition of having one game show that matched the theme of ALL-CON each year. 2021 will be no exception, but with more of the timing than the theme in mind with ''Monster Minds''! This ambitious new game show will pit three contestants against the Monster Minds - hardcore horror fans who are willing to put their knowlege to the tetst over two elimination rounds and a final head-to-head winner takes all challenge.

Games and Theory team members Kevin Jackson (In Our Nerdy Opinion), Zach Schrotter (Bacon Samurai), and Shawn Padilla (Yellow Memo Note) are the horror experts who challenge the contestants and each other as one contestant and one Monster Mind are eliminated each round. In the end one of our experts and one of the challengers will have to show their horror chops to determine the winner of the show. A treat with a some tricks for Halloween!


SUN 1:00 PM (45 mins.) Room: LONGHORN (Lincoln, Lower)

Moderated By: Cole Houston