Beating The Odds -Coping With Physical and Mental Illness At Con

Rated: Everyone

Category: Discussion Panel

Produced by: 10thMuse Cosplay; Callula Cosplay

A panel dedicated to the discussion of those that deal with physical and mental disabilities every day, and how to cope with them during an often chaotic convention.
Topics will include an introduction of the panelists and the challenges they personally face, as well as their coping mechanisms, triggers and how to avoid them, and focusing on strengths. The Spoonie Theory will be touched on, as well as opening the floor to conversation.

We all know the elation of being at a large convention. However there's sometimes an unseen undercurrent of physical and mental illnesses that accompany that joy. Join this panel to discus the realities of going to cons with food allergies, autoimmune disorders, physical limitations, and mental disabilities.


FRI Noon (45 mins.) Room: MAPLE (2nd Floor, Back)

Speaking: 10thMuse; Callula Cosplay