Father's Day Whoopie Cushion Craft Kit

Rated: Everyone

Category: Activity

Produced by: ALL-CON Crafts and Creativity Suite

Have a gas with this Father's Day activity! It's never too soon to start on his gift. Perfect as a group activity at convention, each person can color their own whoopie cushion in a way that fits their own unique style. Rubber. 8''

The always popular Crafts and Creativity Suite includes LEGOs, adult skill-level dot-to-dots, and coloring pages. Art and crafting supplies (colored pencils, stencils, texture plates, markers, construction paper, bling gems, foam decor, etc.) are always at hand. Each hour from there is a new craft kit for you to construct, modify, and decorate! It's all included with your badge so when you're ready to take a brief break from the costumes, games, and performances, come and get your ''more'' in the creativity suite! Sorry, unbuilt craft kits and supplies may not be removed from the room. This is an activity, not a give-away. Each hour the kits to build are 'while supplies last'.


THU 8:00p.m. (45 mins.) Room: BOARDROOM (2nd Floor, Back)