Lip-Sync Roulette

Rated: Teen

Category: Activity

Produced by: Shaffer-In-Sync

Shaffer-In-Sync is teaming up with ALL-CON for the Lip-Sync Roulette, a lip-sync challenge like you've never seen before. Grab your costumes and your friends for Lip-Sync Roulette!

Lip-Sync Roulette is an all inclusive event that is sure to have everyone on their feet as performers show off their skills to a panel of judges lip-syncing to a song from a hand picked, chart topping playlist. Songs will be assigned to contestants prior to the start time so you have time to plan on wowing the judges. Don't already have a stunning outfit to perform in? No problem! Shaffer-In-Sync will be providing a limited number of costume pieces to wear during your performance so you can ensure that you steal the show!

This event is a free event provided by ALL-CON for anyone to enjoy! A registration table will be set up outside of the ballroom at 7:00 PM. The first 25 people to sign up for this event will get to compete for the 2023 title of ''Lips of ALL-CON''!

Whether you're a polished performer, first time attendee, or here to cheer on a friend meet us in the Ballroom for Lip-Sync Roulette! It's just one more way we continue to make ALL-CON ''Your Favorite Con.''


THU 8:30 PM (Until 10PM) Room: LAKESIDE BALLROOM (Lake Level)




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