JediCole's Morning After

Rated: Everyone

Category: Discussion

Produced by: Half-Ass Productions; Happy Cat Productions

And yet again, if you are among the handful who are either an early bird or just someone no hung over from Saturday night partying, ALL-CON's oldest talk show gives you something to first thing Sunday morning!

Start your day the JediCole way again this year with recurring features like ''It Came From the Dollar Store'' and ''You Can't Win'' as well as some new surprises cooked up to keep things a little different.

Zack ''The Talk-Lord of the Sith'' Schrotter will yet again be drug out of bed early to join the fun as the answer to the question, ''is there ANYTHING to do on Sunday morning?'' is answered yet again: JediCole's Morning After... Well, it is ''SOMETHING''!


SUN 9:00 AM (45 mins.) Room: LANTANA I (Breezeway)

Speaking: Cole ''JediCole'' Houston; Zach Schrotter




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