Costume Catwalk

Rated: Everyone

Category: Activity

Produced by: Hollywood Matrimony [H04]

Many of the best costumers at a convention love showing off their work but have no interest in competing against others in a judged environment.

There also are people who have never been up on a stage in costume who need some audience time in order to hone their stage presence in front of a supportive crowd.

Lets not forget those who also just adore getting up on a stage in costume to hear the applause.

Welcome to the ALL-CON Costume Catwalk. Part preview for the Saturday night competition and part of a display of the wonderful costumes you have seen in the convention spaces so far during the weekend.

Registration is walk-up style. The first fifty entries will be accepted. ALL-CON's Master of Ceremonies will introduce the costumer and ask a couple of questions about the costume and their experience. Everything from ''I bought it at the Halloween store, and doesn't it look great!?'' to ''I spent twenty months sculpting it'' is welcome.


SAT 3:00 PM (45 mins.) Room: AMETHYST (Lobby)




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