Don't Lose Your Geek Card: Fairy Tale Edition

Rated: Everyone

Category: Gameshow

Produced by: ALL-CON Games and Theory; Fairy Girl Productions

Like the classic Geek Card, just more fairy tales!

Three contestants, three Geek Cards each, 40 questions over eight categories, one winner who takes home an amazing prize! Each contestant gets three Geek Cards and is challenged to keep them intact while answering trivia questions. Answer a question wrong... lose a Geek Card. Loose all three... you are out of the game! But the question board is chock full of Bonus Cards that act as a spare Geek Card and plenty of Prize Cards - both types a reward for a correct answer.

As with all game shows get there early to get in on the potential contestant pool. Some game shows have a pre-show qualifying quiz and contestants are chosen at random from the contestant pool.


FRI 11:00a.m. (45 mins.) Room: PECAN (2nd Floor, Back)