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The Mocky Horror Picture Show

The Mocky Horror Picture Show is a new twist on the live comedy movie riffing show format. Each show features comedians Liz Barksdale, Kevin Beane and Danny Gallagher making fun of a movie on a big screen (cleared for public domain use) from full-length classics like ''Night of the Living Dead'' or ''Plan Nine from Outer Space'' to famous short films like ''Fantastic Planet'' or the ''Space Ranger'' serials. The audience is invited to join in on the mockery with special on-screen prompts that let them yell back at the screen or perform special actions using props in response to the action on the screen written just for them.

Liz, Kevin and Danny are three-Dallas based comedians who met while performing in troupes with several local clubs including the Dallas Comedy House, the Alternative Comedy Theatre at Pocket Sandwich Theatre and the Comedy Arena.

Liz Barksdale performs with several improv comedy troupes in the Dallas area including ComedySportz Dallas at The Comedy Arena and Autocomplete. Currently, she directs the improv comedy troupe Gotham Staffing with the Alternative Comedy Theatre.

Kevin Beane is the comedy beat writer for Theaterjones and hosts the comedy improv game show QuizProv with Gallagher. Beane is a member of several Dallas-area improv comedy troupes including Autocomplete, Pre-School Fight Club and Dirty Dawg$.

Gallagher is a writer for the Dallas Observer. He has written comedy material for, Maxim, Spike, TruTV and CNET as well as several video games for Jackbox Games. He is also a performer and writer in the Dallas-based sketch comedy troupe Folding Chairs and Bacon Samurai Productions' live comedy game shows including ''Universal Remote'' and ''Match Game''.



SAT 11:00p.m.: The Mocky Horror Picture Show (2 hrs.)

Room: LALIQUE I [Ballroom Level] Rated: Mature

Produced By: The Mocky Horror Picture Show; Bacon Samurai Productions

Speaking: Liz Barksdale; Kevin Beane; Danny Gallagher

What happens when you cross ''Mystery Science Theater 3000'' with the audience interaction of a ''Rocky Horror Picture Show'' screening? You get the Mocky Horror Picture Show, a live, interactive comedy show that lets the audience make fun of films using on-screen prompts and directions along with comedians Liz Barksdale, Kevin Beane and Danny Gallagher!

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