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DFW Cosplay Gallifrey



FRI 6:00p.m.: Pulp Heroes (The Pulp Justice League) (45 mins.)

Room: BEL-AIR 2/3 [Lobby Level] Rated: Mature

Produced By: Heroic Inner Kids; DFW Cosplay Gallifrey

Speaking: James Enelow; Margaret Barajas; Manuel Torres; Robert Goodrick; Daniel Calhoun

A panel on the great heroes of the past and their connections with their comic book ancestors. We will discuss such works as League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and more modern incarnations of the characters as described and included in the marvel universe and DC Universe. Panel and presentation will describe and help eager minds to study and become fans of vanishing or reinvented heroes such as Doc Savage, the Shadow, Tom Swift, G8, Tarzan, Operator 9 and Fu Manchu.

Category: Discussion Panel